Tuckerman Ravine

Tuckerman Ravine

My first trip to ski the bowl, as documented in Get Out!, was an intimidating solo venture. Stories of difficult skiing, avalanches, unpredictable weather, and injuries propagated the myth that the superb spring skiing wasn’t for the timid, and I was ready to believe it. I reached the cabin that year as they med-evac’d a […]


Tungsten Versus The Sun

Light is the basis of photography. Light can be hard or soft, warm or cold, mottled, diffused, or any number of things really. Light also has a temperature. Neutral sunlight should be around 5500K. This is what light from the flash is also calibrated towards, but how appealing is direct and neutral sunlight? It doesn’t […]

Touch of Spring

Blue Sky Research

The depth of field options of the 50mm f/1.8 have made it a very useful lens that hasn’t yet come off the camera. I contemplated swapping it for the 90mm macro to take some closeups of the flower buds, however, I didn’t feel up to lugging the tripod down to the park. All three of […]

The Walker

The Sly Fox

For lack of better plans and a slight case of exhaustion, April 3rd turned into an impromptu photo shoot in Arms Park. Just up the street against the brick mill buildings, another photo shoot was taking place in the shade. After walking around a bit and enjoying the sun, we settled down onto the steps […]

Queen City Bridge


A day and a half after this hopefully last spring snow storm, I ventured out on the local walking paths for a few hours and noticed that nearly every surface is tagged with graffiti of some sort. Granite benches, fences, light posts, bridges, sidewalks. It’s sad that some people can’t express themselves in a more […]