Dental Exam

The Art of Making Due

On Wednesday afternoon as I left home, I grabbed the camera in case I came across anything worth shooting. The nifty fifty was mounted on the front, and seeing as how I didn’t figure I’d even use the camera, I figured that was good enough. Two hours later, I’m at the Franklin Park Zoo and […]


Window Light Leftovers

A north facing window lets in wonderfully diffused lighting that works perfectly for portraits. There are no harsh shadows, the light is soft and wraps around the subject, and it’s available anywhere you have daylight and a north facing window. The following photos are a few tidbits that I had sitting in the camera after […]

Bottle Opener

Ode to the Cardboard Lightbox

The purpose of a lightbox or a light tent is to isolate an object, wrap it in light, and bring out it’s details. The panels on the top and sides diffuse the light and the inside of the box provides a seamless backdrop perfect for product and macro photography. What’s the catch? They’re not cheap. […]