The Last Calendar Ever?

If we follow the whole 2012 prediction about the end of the world, then this will be the last calendar you’ll ever need. It even includes the End of the World as a holiday, but just to be safe, the calendar continues for the rest of the year. Of course, since the world won’t be […]


Invasion of the Pumpkins

The grins of the pumpkins sagged as if they were feeling sick. Without affecting the color of their eyes, the hue of their mouths shifted towards illness. Pumpkin eyes narrowed. Projectile pumpkin vomit spewed from their mouths. Seeds and orange vine-fruit intestines splashed across the floor of the crypt. Beneath the puke, the gourds growled […]

Attacked by Christmas Lights

Chaos : An Image Creation Walkthrough

An unsuspecting elf walked into the dimly lit room. Christmas lights reflected off of his goggles and slithered across the floor in shadow like a python after its prey. Without warning, the snake of lights struck out… how’s that for an idea? Cameras are everywhere and the technology is changing daily. Every time something new […]