Self Portrait Rejects

The theme for this past week in the 52 Week Photo Project was self portraits. Most photographers have a tendency to want to remain behind the camera, so I was somewhat interested what others would come up with. It would be easy enough for me to set up the new Apollo Orb or my ring […]

Monadnock Sunset


The temperature hovers around freezing, providing a thin layer of melt atop the ice of the stream. The white floe shivers and waits. Bare rocks jut into the path as it meanders further and further into the darkening woods. With elevation, the trees will thin, but here they huddle close for protection from the wicked […]

Love Bites

Love Bites

The orange and white cat jumps onto the washing machine that shakes in the spin cycle and sneaks onto the kitchen counter beside the sink. He rubs his chin against the clip-on light hanging from the cabinet before crouching low as if to pounce. His wide black eyes follow the purple sponge with curiosity. Soapy […]


Radio Flyer

As it sat beside the koi pond, the little red wagon seemed both out of place and lonely. Two girls played in the distance, amused by the orange, red, and white fish in the depths of the still waters. A silent statue stood indifferent in the midst of the lagoon. The radio flyer turned its […]


Seven Days in the South

Darkness presses in, interrupted only by oncoming headlights and the green glow of the dashboard panel. Nineties alternative trickles from the speakers filling the air with the occasional melody that is far better than silence. The unfamiliar road ahead is nearly empty and the world in the rearview is black. His tired eyes begin to […]