Lightroom Grid

Washing Machines and Other Things

The Week 8 theme in the 52 Week Photo project is laughter and I spent most of the week trying to come up with an idea. Of course, as I thought about it, I realized that I didn’t want to take a photograph of someone laughing which left me with the notion that I should […]

Final Product

Concord Litho Products

This past week, three of us wrapped up a photo shoot that has spanned an entire month. Concord Litho, a commercial printing company in Concord, NH, tapped us to shoot new photos for their aging website. The last update was roughly eight years ago when they changed their logo and while they planned on using […]

Under the Bridge

Under The Bridge

Freshly cut metal links litter the muddy ground. The chain link fence is rolled back just far enough to slip through, and for whatever reason, the ten foot tall metal slats that protect the other two sides are absent. Someone went through a lot of trouble and there’s no telling how many times this has […]


Creativity, Failure & Groundhogs

The groundhog sat on the carpet with his front legs extended. A light green pillow lay on the floor about ten inches from him. An empty cup rolled on its side and stopped. He stared at the pillow, looking for its tongue, but it didn’t move. Slowly, he crawled across the floor and gave the […]