Innovative Formats

Concord Litho Website

Although the shoot wrapped over a month ago, it wasn’t until this week that the Concord Litho website went live. I previously posted about the process involved in photographing the products, however, the rest of the website photos proved to be a little more creatively challenging. Our direction was loosely to tell a story while […]

Lucky Day

My Lucky Something

To coincide with St Patrick’s Day, the theme of the 52 Week Photo Project for this week was “My Lucky Something.” I suppose the point would have been to replace the word something with an object that I find lucky, however, I don’t exactly believe in luck. Without a pair of lucky (and horrendously dirty) […]


Trial and Error

Ultimately, this may have been a project that I should have declined, however, the challenge was welcomed. Shoot the cover of a brochure – no deadline, limited input from the client, and the only request is that it feature a variety of products and look nice. My own self-imposed guideline was that the end result […]

Is That My Foot?

Kane, Mickey, Myers & Tiki

Kane, a lonely three-year old Pitbull, stares at me and obviously wants to lick me. He sits down in front of me and lifts his paw to shake when I tell him to lay down. As soon as I shake his paw, he lifts the other one to shake again. He’d sit on me if […]