In The Fridge

In The Fridge

This past week I decided to make the jump to Photoshop CS6. Sooner or later I’ll update Lightroom as well, but for now my goal was to process a few images using only the new Adobe Camera Raw and learn a bit about using CS6 while also making use of a new lens. I started […]

The Embodiment of Vibrance

Post Processing: Walking a Fine Line

Pick up any magazine and there on the cover is an airbrushed model or a scene that’s been otherwise fixed for consumption. The photographer, art director, and retoucher all play their part and Photoshop has almost become a bad word. Its use has become so commonplace that Photoshop is now used in our language as […]


The Spicy Bikila Burger

I could re-title this post “A Mind at Work.” As I delve further into this 52 week photo project, I find myself observing my creative process and I’m entertained by it. It might sound strange, but my first idea for this week’s theme of “Shoes” was to have bodies buried in the backyard and have […]


Dabbling In Cliche: Lens Flare

Lens flare is caused by light reflecting and scattering through the lens instead of refracting on it’s intended path. The result can show up in the image as streaks, artifacts such as rings or circles, and even as a sort of haze that washes out both color saturation and contrast. Lens manufacturers have spent years […]