A Different Medium

Tanner Sandals asked me to produce a few quick video segments for their website in addition to the product photos. To be honest, I was hesitant because I haven’t worked with video in years. I still have hours of footage from old projects left unedited, one of which I’d love to add animation to. The […]

Kids Feet

Tanner Sandals

Tanner Sandals, a minimalist sandal company based in Southern NH, offered me the opportunity to photograph the entire product lineup for their website and I happily accepted. They needed images of the sandals from multiple angles including the top, bottom, and side as well as images of the sandals being worn. I anticipated using a […]

Bathtub Cowboy

Blue Bath Water

I suppose this all starts with the color blue. It’s the theme for week 23 and initially I figured it would be easy, after all, I just needed to photograph something blue. The fun part comes with finding something that nobody else thinks of and piques my curiosity. First I searched around for Blue Man […]

Memorial Day

The Last Days of May

An $8 million Blackhawk helicopter landed in Arms Park along the river in downtown Manchester, NH for Memorial Day and given the weekly theme of “Memorial Day” how could I not take a walk with a camera in hand? I grabbed my new 80-200 mm f/2.8, my 50mm and my 8mm fisheye, stuffed them in […]