Inside the Dessert Cafe

Planet Marshmallow

As of yesterday morning, I have a collection of images hanging at Planet Marshmallow, a highly recommended cafe downtown Manchester on Hanover St. A huge thank you goes out to Heather for allowing me to hang them all. For the past couple of months I’ve been stressing over getting prints made, finding frames, and of […]

The Great Sadness

Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days are the hottest and most humid days of summer and it certainly feels as though they’ve arrived. Historically, they are experienced in July and August which typically observe the warmest temperatures of the summer months and the name itself is derived from the star Sirius. Also called the Dog Star, it was […]



The theme for this week was reflections and I wanted to do something interesting with either water or mirrors. I had a few ideas that I won’t even try to explain and that I scrapped due to lack of time, but with the heat and humidity I wasn’t too keen on venturing outside. I grabbed […]

Post It

Fun With Post It Notes

The movie Office Space was released while I was in college and working at a theater. I kept the poster of a man completely covered in Post It Notes and partway through this week, it occurred to me to try shooting something similar. This week’s theme is yellow after all. Once I know the theme […]