With the exception of my bizaarchitecture photos, I haven’t spent much time looking at interiors through a lens. Unlike my other twisted images, my intention here was to at least attempt to present a place as it is, without distortion or much post processing along the lines of real estate photographs. The vertical lines needed […]

Fading Light

Football Freakshow

What do you get when you tell someone that has never played and rarely watches a game to come up with a football themed photo? Somewhere in the closet I have a Nerf football, but I didn’t think that would cut it for me, so I found a football and headed for a field on […]

Crouching For Liftoff


Bright, midday sun is terribly bad and uninteresting light but sometimes it’s worth trying to get something worth looking at from it. It was a warm day at the beach near Red Rock Park in Lynn, MA. The tide was rolling in, kites were flying, and a guy on a mountain board flew past me […]