A Rainy Day in South Portland


The forecast called for rain and wind and there I was up early to drive to South Portland, Maine to shoot another Color Run. As I arrived at the parking lot, the deluge began and I was hesitant to get out of the car. It was about a mile walk to my shooting position and wasn’t keen on being soaked for the next few hours. Venturing out, I discovered that the running water on the road was nearly up to my ankles and the wind was cold. I picked up my card and assignment and stationed myself at the pink color station with the same camera, same lens, nearly the same position on the course as last year, but what a difference! Instead of bright sun and blue sky I had heavy rain, dark clouds and 30 mph winds. Once the runners started coming through and the clouds of pink powder filled the air, it felt something like a war-zone. I couldn’t imagine worse conditions for shooting. The rain and pink cloud confused the auto-focus of the camera. The dark conditions forced me to shoot at a higher ISO and at a larger aperture just to get the shutter speed up. Spectators consistently walked in front of me and the race organizers hadn’t released the runners in waves (instead just let them go as a large 6,000 person group). Think chaos. I felt discouraged in the beginning and by the end the picture quality had improved due to hours of trial and error just as I moved closer to being hypothermic. I can’t say I’m happy with the the resulting photos, but the 2015 South Portland Color Run was definitely a challenge.











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