Bangor Color Run

River Sunrise

As I walk down to the waterfront, all I am thinking is that I hope I don’t have to shoot purple again. It would be nice to have a new color to mix things up, but in the end, I’m stationed at the 4k mark and the organizers have decided that the color station will be purple. Sounds good, I guess. I protect my camera with a rainproof bag, some gaffer tape and a bit of duct tape, then proceed to walk around the race pavilion. The event is nowhere near as large as South Portland, however it is at least home. Armed with a monopod to ease the burden of running handheld all day long, I delve into another colorful race… The purple people eaters decided to completely cover me at the end. Note that the colorant tends to stain once it mixes with sweat. A few of the resulting photos are below!

Color Explosion

Man Vs Leaf Blower

Dust Angel

Running Through Bubbles




Thumbs Up


The Witch

Post Race

Beneath the Clothes

Orange Burst

River Sunrise

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