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Shopping Cart Multiplicity Portrait

What do you do when a client wants something quirky in addition to a few simple portraits? Have fun, of course. Conceptual portraiture is the perfect way to stand out and do something completely different!

We started out with a laundry list of ideas and narrowed it down. For this session, we focused on two ideas: Pushing Yourself in a Shopping Cart & Levitation in Downtown Manchester. Both ideas were complicated, however, the first question I had was where do I find a shopping cart? As luck would have it, I found one in an alley near my apartment while out for a walk. Wheeling it to the location on Saturday morning felt odd to say the least. We chose to start in Arms Park for convenience, planned the shot and dove in. Multiple photos and a change of clothes was involved and after we capture the first image, I thought it would be funny to depict what would happen if they crashed while playing with the cart. The result can be seen below.

Before leaving the park for downtown, we spent a few minutes capturing some simple portraits. While there are buildings in the background and an obvious parking lot beside the park, it isn’t hard to keep those aspects out of the photographs and instead focus on the trees or the grass, benches, river, and even the sky.

To finish the session and capture the levitation concept, a walk downtown was required. Hanover Street, Elm Street, and the Citizens Bank Parking Garage proved to be worthy locations, although we had plenty of strange looks related to standing or sitting on a toolbox. I even heard someone say “I don’t get it.” The parking garage worked best, yielding an excellent image to go along with some other portraits taken in a parking garage, and in the end, we wound up with a lot of fun images. Thanks Tyson!

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