Bizaarchitecture Returns

Unbalanced Pieces

It was almost a year ago that I got kicked out of the mills and posted my last Bizaarchitecture photos. This time I set up in the lobby of Waumbec Mill, had someone offer for me to use their forehead to set my white balance, took some shots of the antique knitting machine, then wandered towards City Hall for a few more warped perspectives. Who says photographs need to show reality?

The antique knitting machine sits just inside the lobby of Waumbec Mill beneath a window. Flat light splashed across the top of the aging machine but left most of the recesses in the shadows. The amount of dust and texture was something that I didn’t want to lose, so I shot brackets to merge later into HDR. In processing, I tried to keep it natural while bringing out as much detail as I could. The final images have a very three dimensional feel to them which I’m happy with.

Anybody have any ideas for locations for more bizaarchitecture?

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