DSC_0556_HDR Warp4

On Saturday afternoon, I gave myself a short self-guided tour of the Mill buildings between Granite Street and Bridge Street. Both the Millyard Museum and the Science Center were closing and people were funneling out of the building. Of course, it wasn’t long before children were asking me “are you a photographer? What are you foot-ogg-roughing? Does your lens zoom?” I spent a lot of time wandering the hallways and the stairwells, and even had security ask me to leave from the premises of the Autodesk building. There weren’t any signs up about where I was allowed to walk, but the security guard was both patient and polite, so I guess I can’t complain. I think I’m more surprised than anything else that it even happened. I still haven’t cleared my memory card from everything else that I’ve been shooting, so I was only able to capture a handful of images, but I think what I walked away with is visually intriguing. All of them are shot in HDR with either an 8mm or 50mm lens.

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