Blue Bath Water

Bathtub Cowboy

I suppose this all starts with the color blue. It’s the theme for week 23 and initially I figured it would be easy, after all, I just needed to photograph something blue. The fun part comes with finding something that nobody else thinks of and piques my curiosity. First I searched around for Blue Man Group makeup, then after deciding it was too messy, I turned the search to a blue spandex suit. I could throw on the blue tights, add a blue wig, then don the goggles against a blue background and have a whole pile of blueness. I didn’t feel like spending the money on props, so then I figured maybe I’d shoot in infrared and do a false color conversion to wind up with white trees and blue skies. Then of course I saw that someone else had already done that.

The challenge then became finding something blue that I wanted to work with as well as a concept to go along with it. Powerade was nice and bright. Maybe I could splash it like a Gatorade commercial? A shower cap was blue, but not much fun. I had a blue towel at home as well as a water bottle and shot a backup photo of someone possibly stuffed inside of a stove. Then I got lucky and found the Mr Bubble Fizzy Bubble Bomb that would turn the bath water bright blue. The question then became, how much did I feel like embarrassing myself? The answer, of course, can be seen below and it seems that maybe comic bathing photos might turn into a side project of their own.

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