Blue Sky Research

Touch of Spring

The depth of field options of the 50mm f/1.8 have made it a very useful lens that hasn’t yet come off the camera. I contemplated swapping it for the 90mm macro to take some closeups of the flower buds, however, I didn’t feel up to lugging the tripod down to the park. All three of these photos were taken at Bass Island. The top photo was taken through the birches in late afternoon sun. The touches of yellow from the newly blooming flowers give the image a feeling of warmth, but in truth, I couldn’t feel my hands from the chill. The second image, another shot of graffiti, stood out simply because of the bright red color. Lastly, I tried to capture the red blossoms of a tree against the blue sky which involved creating a handheld vertical panorama. I metered the bottom quarter of the scene and switched the camera to manual mode to maintain a consistent exposure from bottom to top. Once I imported the four pieces into Lightroom, I adjusted the bottom photo and sync’d it to the others, then rescued the blue sky from being overexposed. The full size of the resulting image is roughly three feet tall.

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