Attacked by Christmas Lights

Chaos : An Image Creation Walkthrough

An unsuspecting elf walked into the dimly lit room. Christmas lights reflected off of his goggles and slithered across the floor in shadow like a python after its prey. Without warning, the snake of lights struck out… how’s that for an idea? Cameras are everywhere and the technology is changing daily. Every time something new […]

Window Light


After taking somewhere close to 2000 photos in the last few weeks, I just realized that I haven’t posted much at all. As I work through my backlog, which includes a tired dog, the Pumpkinfest in Keene, NH, foliage in Northern Alabama, and various animals and locales from a vacation down south, I’ll try to […]


Staying Local

Seasons slowly change and I’m still discovering all the places around this city that I’ve missed. A few walks through Stark Park and out to Battery Point on Massabesic Lake revealed some scenic views and also gave me a case of poison ivy on my legs. Of these images, my favorite is the mushroom. Late […]

Below the Falls

Tuesday Night Photoshoot

After scouting out locations in the summer heat and seeing potential in the Citizens Bank parking garage and the PSNH park along the Merrimack, I ventured back one evening to capture these images of Hannah. It wasn’t long before she commented on the oddity of posing for the HDR photos that I was starting off […]

Morning Light on Madison

Presidential Traverse

Given the amount of pain that our bodies were in, none of us would fess up to whose idea it was to hike the entire Presidential Range in a day. Granted, the idea isn’t something far-fetched, however, none of us have done much hiking lately. A Presidential Traverse consists of a minimum of around 18 […]



LakeFest is an annual fundraising event hosted by the New Hampshire Lakes Association. This years event took place at Church Landing in Meredith and featured a silent auction, two comedians, and a number of vendors for both food and beverage. I spent the night as a volunteer photographing everything that caught my eye while also […]


Falling Waters

On the East side of Franconia Notch, the Falling Waters trail is a scenic jaunt that I haven’t seen in the summer in roughly 13 years. The last time I hiked it was mid-winter and everything was solid ice. This time out, I left my shoes at home to be sure I wouldn’t go too […]

Manchester NH Skyline Black and White Night

Manchester Skyline

Last month’s heatwave slowed my picture-taking to a crawl. I’m not a fan of hot and humid weather, but being inside was making me stir crazy. I ventured out one early morning for a walk to do some location scouting and after finding what I was looking for, wound up with the start of a […]

Westward Retreat

Playing With The Light

For a number of years, I considered myself a writer. It was easier to describe the fingerlike rays tickling the blue emptiness above than it was to capture it with a camera. I fear my ability to capture the essence of anything in carefully chosen words has slipped away and been replaced with the desire […]

Hands Across The Merrimack

Outside the Visible Spectrum

Our eyes only pickup on a small percentage of the spectrum of light. Beyond what we see are other wavelengths, some of which are able to be captured on a camera sensor. At one end of the visible spectrum we have ultraviolet light. At the other, we find infrared. By adding a filter onto the […]

Dental Exam

The Art of Making Due

On Wednesday afternoon as I left home, I grabbed the camera in case I came across anything worth shooting. The nifty fifty was mounted on the front, and seeing as how I didn’t figure I’d even use the camera, I figured that was good enough. Two hours later, I’m at the Franklin Park Zoo and […]


Window Light Leftovers

A north facing window lets in wonderfully diffused lighting that works perfectly for portraits. There are no harsh shadows, the light is soft and wraps around the subject, and it’s available anywhere you have daylight and a north facing window. The following photos are a few tidbits that I had sitting in the camera after […]

Bottle Opener

Ode to the Cardboard Lightbox

The purpose of a lightbox or a light tent is to isolate an object, wrap it in light, and bring out it’s details. The panels on the top and sides diffuse the light and the inside of the box provides a seamless backdrop perfect for product and macro photography. What’s the catch? They’re not cheap. […]

Tuckerman Ravine

Tuckerman Ravine

My first trip to ski the bowl, as documented in Get Out!, was an intimidating solo venture. Stories of difficult skiing, avalanches, unpredictable weather, and injuries propagated the myth that the superb spring skiing wasn’t for the timid, and I was ready to believe it. I reached the cabin that year as they med-evac’d a […]


Tungsten Versus The Sun

Light is the basis of photography. Light can be hard or soft, warm or cold, mottled, diffused, or any number of things really. Light also has a temperature. Neutral sunlight should be around 5500K. This is what light from the flash is also calibrated towards, but how appealing is direct and neutral sunlight? It doesn’t […]