Touch of Spring

Blue Sky Research

The depth of field options of the 50mm f/1.8 have made it a very useful lens that hasn’t yet come off the camera. I contemplated swapping it for the 90mm macro to take some closeups of the flower buds, however, I didn’t feel up to lugging the tripod down to the park. All three of […]

The Walker

The Sly Fox

For lack of better plans and a slight case of exhaustion, April 3rd turned into an impromptu photo shoot in Arms Park. Just up the street against the brick mill buildings, another photo shoot was taking place in the shade. After walking around a bit and enjoying the sun, we settled down onto the steps […]

Queen City Bridge


A day and a half after this hopefully last spring snow storm, I ventured out on the local walking paths for a few hours and noticed that nearly every surface is tagged with graffiti of some sort. Granite benches, fences, light posts, bridges, sidewalks. It’s sad that some people can’t express themselves in a more […]


The River Rise

The low angle of the setting sun sparkled across the Merrimack River as chunks of ice washed past on the fast moving current. The warmer temperatures and the rainfall have the river running high. Behind one of the Mill buildings, shortly after being ushered away from another, I set up my tripod, dropped my ISO […]

DSC_0556_HDR Warp4


On Saturday afternoon, I gave myself a short self-guided tour of the Mill buildings between Granite Street and Bridge Street. Both the Millyard Museum and the Science Center were closing and people were funneling out of the building. Of course, it wasn’t long before children were asking me “are you a photographer? What are you […]


Little Dude

This little kitten is Dude, the one that I’d be watching for a weekend. Three weeks later, he’s starting to walk, figuring out how to get out of the oversized bed, and learning how to play by wrestling with his mother. I’m sure he’ll be getting into more trouble soon. As it is, he’s been […]

Planet Subaru Revisited

Planet Subaru Revisited

My last attempt at stitching the panorama of the inside of a Subaru Impreza resulted in something less than stellar – interesting, but if you look closely, you can see the stitching errors. I was stumped, especially given that the pan head was set so the photos were good, and according to the information I […]


Planet Subaru

After my last panoramic learning experience, I decided to try something a little more complicated with a lot more time on my hands. I cleaned out my car, returned the seats to their upright positions, and set up the tripod inside the car. Given the bright sunlight and the dark interior, I decided to bracket […]


Stairwell D

I walk up these stairs multiple times each week and finally took the time to shoot something. However, I made a number of mistakes that I didn’t realize until later. The first was that I didn’t level the tripod, which hurt me when I went to try to stitch all the images together. If you […]



On Saturday afternoon I was told to expect company for the remainder of the weekend, however I didn’t quite expect that it would be a three-hour-old kitten named Dude and his mother. Mama kitty was still tipsy from the drugs required for the Vet to perform an emergency C-section, and Dude was the lone survivor […]



After a lengthy struggle through thigh deep snow on a short hike into the local hills, I stopped to shoot a number of icicles hanging from the short cliffs. I wish I’d had my 90mm macro lens and a tripod with me, but zooming in with the stock 55mm gave me this solitary shot that […]



After days spent recalibrating my panoramic tripod head, I took some time to edit some of the results. Each projection is composed of 9 HDR photos and each HDR photo is created from 5 photos of different exposures – if you do the math, that’s 45 photos to create a projection. The top photo is […]



I was tempted to keep the snow as bright white, but I found that I liked the details it brought out by darkening it. Converted to black and white in Silver Efex Pro.



The chaos of the vines on the post caught my eye!


White On White

After driving by and then walking by in the middle of the last snow storm, I finally trekked over to Bass Island Park with the camera in the cold. The white birch trees against the white of the snow struck me as a rough high key image. The low angle of the sun added the […]