Afternoon on the West Side

We’re still unpacking from the move over two weeks later (anyone seen my battery charger or precision screwdrivers?) but I ducked outside into the cold to shoot before the sun could disappear. Around the corner from the apartment is, well, more city…


Snow Day

Wednesday’s storm dumped somewhere around a foot of snow on the city and forced us to learn quickly where to park when they declare a snow emergency. Turns out the nearest parking is about a mile away when they want us off the road. So now that we’re dug out and back to normal, my […]

The Pusher

The Pusher

Pseudo-HDR of the snow plow. I’ll post up my learning experiences as well as viewable work, so here’s one that I think falls into the first category. This is a photo that I’d say isn’t quite what I wanted or even very good for that matter. Because of the mud and melting snow on the […]

Tongue of Phoebe


To go along with the new year, I’m introducing a few changes – a new & very simple pricing structure including no session fees and no minimum purchase, and the option of TFCD for people in need of headshots or other photos to build a portfolio. Drop me a message for details. Happy New Year!

Holiday Lamp

New Year’s Eve

Change is on it’s way! Although I’ll probably fall asleep before the ball drops tonight, I can’t complain. It’s going to be a busy weekend.


Let It Snow

While I watch it snow, here’s a photo of the sunset over the tornado swath. As soon as the storm lets up I’ll have to get some photos of the snowdrifts and icicles. I can’t believe the year is almost over. Time to get in some winter photo shoots.

It’s Alive!

It’s Alive!

After hours of coding and testing, www.brycedalhausphotography.com is up and running. Now if only I weren’t sick. Here’s a shot from roughly a year ago. Stay tuned.

Approaching the Solstice

Approaching the Solstice

As these days are getting shorter and more holidays are quickly nearing, I’ve been working on getting both a blog and a website up and running.  At some point I might actually have an idea that I like, but please bear with me as I slowly work all the bugs out.  Enjoy the photos.