Concord Litho Website

Innovative Formats

Although the shoot wrapped over a month ago, it wasn’t until this week that the Concord Litho website went live. I previously posted about the process involved in photographing the products, however, the rest of the website photos proved to be a little more creatively challenging. Our direction was loosely to tell a story while showing off what the company is capable of. This meant showcasing the products, numerous departments and specialties, and the people involved, but with the odd crop size, most of our ideas were thrown out the window. Frustration set in early until we began to visualize how to work within the constraints and the gallery below represents a fraction of what we shot. Some of the images involved using flash and directing people, while others were taken balanced on ladders or standing near fast moving equipment. In the end, somewhere between 10-12 images out of the hundreds were delivered to the client. A few of these shots are the actual ones chosen for the website.

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