Crouching For Liftoff

Bright, midday sun is terribly bad and uninteresting light but sometimes it’s worth trying to get something worth looking at from it. It was a warm day at the beach near Red Rock Park in Lynn, MA. The tide was rolling in, kites were flying, and a guy on a mountain board flew past me and yelled “Get one of me in the air!” He proceeded to pull back on the kite and liftoff. I captured a few shots of him and other people tearing around the beach with a wide aperture and a fast shutter speed and pretty much concluded that they were crap. Months ago I saw some photos with white skies and high contrast, probably here, and I think they must have stuck with me because I arrived at something similar in Lightroom. By pushing the contrast, upping the whites, hightlights, and clarity, and then adjusting the blacks and shadows, I removed the drab colors and simplified the shots. The style may not be for everyone, but I think it makes the subjects pop. Now, if I’d been there at sunset with more than one lens I’d have a different story to tell with something much different to show.

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