Dynamic Dirt Challenge

Walking the Plank

Last Sunday I was at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine shooting the Dynamic Dirt Challenge for Gameface Media. There wasn’t anything easy about this job but it was a hell of a lot of fun! After waking up at 4:30 AM, I drove to the race, picked up my memory cards, and then spent half an hour trying to get out to the obstacle I was assigned. Walk the Plank was three logs spanning a pit of muddy water about a mile or two from the starting line. I got lost a couple of times and turned around before wading through a marsh but arrived with time to spare. Immediately I realized that it was a very dark location and I would be maxing out the settings on my camera. I set up with a zoom lens and then discovered that both the volunteers and racers liked to stand directly in front of my shot. I didn’t much like the first batch of images and changed lenses to go wide. That’s when the skies opened up and the real fun began. Heavy rain turned the dirt to mud (how’s that for dynamic?), filled the pit with more water, covered my lens with rain streaks, and made the logs treacherous. Everything and everyone was wet. I sank in the mud, slid around, got eaten by mosquitoes, and walked away with some fun images to show for it. Oh, and I wound up with an awesome case of poison ivy! Enjoy!

Balancing Machine

Walk The Plank

Slow and Steady

Doom and Gloom


Crawling The Plank


Thumbs Up

Not Recommended

Desperate Housewives

Walking the Plank

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