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Arch Nemesis

I just noticed that I didn’t post anything for the month of November, however, this may also be one of my last posts of the year. I’ll return with a wrap up of the 52 Week Photo Project that has spanned this past year and add the whole collection of photos as a separate gallery. Now, I just spent ten days traveling and climbing in the Eastern Sierra of California and wished most every day that I had brought a tripod or even just a Gorilla pod. I made due with using rocks, the ground, picnic tables, or going handheld, although with the low temps I was less inclined to “play” after dark for more elaborate night shots. Even so, I took around 700 photos – most of which will never be seen – and spent a good amount of time sorting through them.

It turns out that most of my favorites were HDR. With the exception of sunrise and sunset, lighting throughout the day was harsh and there wasn’t much shade to be found. I think working with bad lighting can boost creativity although it can also be frustrating. Everything just started to feel sun-blasted, so then I started using the sun for flare or for sunbursts. I wanted color and it’s not like I had the time to wait for the perfect light or even for a cloud to appear. I also started being very picky about compositions with the wide angle lens. With such giant scenery and wide open spaces, it’s easy to take a photo of nothing. I was consciously searching for compositions with foreground and mid-ground interest. When all else failed or the situation arose where I could just take a normal shot, I happily did. The photo of the dog was shot underexposed as he lay panting in the sun.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Eastern Sierra photos, a trip to up into the Bristlecone Pines.

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  1. Fabulous images of a truly remarkable place! You’ll just need to go back to get those night shots. ..not like you would ever need an excuse to go back. Every time I have left the Eastern Sierra I’ve felt like I’ve had unfinished business on so many levels.

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