Football Freakshow

Fading Light

What do you get when you tell someone that has never played and rarely watches a game to come up with a football themed photo? Somewhere in the closet I have a Nerf football, but I didn’t think that would cut it for me, so I found a football and headed for a field on the West Side. I was toying with ideas all week and really figured that I’d have to be there to see which worked best by shooting them all (or at least as many as I could). The late afternoon sun had a warmth to it that I liked and the lower it sunk in the sky, the softer the light became. Working fast, I lay down on the field a few times to capture the ball on the grass from various angles and focal lengths. My favorite of those (the last in the gallery) wound up being taken at 200mm.

Once I went to capture my other ideas, I wound up mounting the camera upside down on the tripod to achieve the low viewpoint I wanted. I left an image flipped over for fun and to illustrate why I rotated the camera into portrait position for the later shots. Composition came first, then a few test shots with me in them, followed by me losing my shirt and glasses to come closer to the deranged scene I had in mind. I made sure nobody was passing on the nearby path, slipped on the gas mask, and captured the freakshow. Most of the edits were done in Lightroom with a few touches of Color Efex Pro to finish them off. Maybe I look angry because I’m losing my hair and can’t see shit without my glasses?

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