Fun With Post It Notes

Post It

The movie Office Space was released while I was in college and working at a theater. I kept the poster of a man completely covered in Post It Notes and partway through this week, it occurred to me to try shooting something similar. This week’s theme is yellow after all. Once I know the theme for the week, I try to come up with all of the obvious ideas and then try to avoid them in favor of something that challenges me to try something new. Yellow, like blue a few weeks ago, as a theme can be relatively simple. All I have to do is find something yellow and as I look around the office I already see eight yellow objects. None of them particularly appeal to me as subjects, so while I thought about what to do for the theme, something clicked when I picked up a pad of Post It Notes. Roughly one hundred and fifty Post Its later and the result is something that at least makes me laugh at myself.

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