In The Fridge

In The Fridge

This past week I decided to make the jump to Photoshop CS6. Sooner or later I’ll update Lightroom as well, but for now my goal was to process a few images using only the new Adobe Camera Raw and learn a bit about using CS6 while also making use of a new lens. I started with my shot for Week 21 – In the Fridge and then played with a photo of a cat to see some of the new features. Upon launch, it’s hard to miss that the program loads much faster than previous versions and it’s nearly impossible to miss the complete makeover of the GUI. Aside from that, ACR has been rebuilt with the new exposure sliders, Oil Paint has been added to the filter menu, and there are new blur options such as the Iris Blur and Tilt Shift Blur. I didn’t check to see if the crop tool inside ACR matches the new tool inside Photoshop, but I may also never use it in ACR. I don’t really need the new blur filters when I have the Alien Skin Bokeh plugin either, but I have yet to compare the two. Also new is the option to save in the background and continue working, all of which I definitely like.

The above images show a few of the new options and menus along with the new darker theme for the interface. Included as the last two photos is In The Fridge, the first showing the layers I used to create it and the second being the result. I was only working with a single flash and wanted to illuminate the bottles in the fridge from below, so tripped it off twice in two different locations. I then layered the images and masked them together, one for the left side and the other for the right. From there I created two more layers, one of which I sharpened, the other of which I applied the Oil Paint filter to. With another layer mask, I removed the oil paint effect from the kombucha bottle to keep it nice and sharp and called it complete. It’s simple, it’s colorful, and I got to play with new software and a new lens.

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