With the exception of my bizaarchitecture photos, I haven’t spent much time looking at interiors through a lens. Unlike my other twisted images, my intention here was to at least attempt to present a place as it is, without distortion or much post processing along the lines of real estate photographs. The vertical lines needed to stay straight. Harsh contrast needed to be tamed. Clutter needed to be controlled, although in this case, I had very little control. I started by finding the best angle, one that made the lobby look large, that showed off the front counter and the windows, and immediately I cleaned off the counter. Ideally, the flower pots would have also been moved, along with the pictures, scale and carpet to clean up the view. It would be difficult to clean up the right side of the frame behind the desk. I fired off a quick set of bracketed shots and that was it. Quick and dirty. I pulled them up in Lightroom to try a few different options for processing, and the results are in the gallery below. The first image, a normal exposure, shows the brightness of the window and the darker interior. A quick foray into HDR yielded a result that didn’t feel natural, and a fusion of two images came out flat and dingy. Fusion:Intensive gave me something I could work with, and with a quick stacking of images to fix a few things via masking, I wound up with something decent. Roll over the image below to see a comparison of the original to the final image.

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