Kane, Mickey, Myers & Tiki

Is That My Foot?

Kane, a lonely three-year old Pitbull, stares at me and obviously wants to lick me. He sits down in front of me and lifts his paw to shake when I tell him to lay down. As soon as I shake his paw, he lifts the other one to shake again. He’d sit on me if I’d let him and won’t sit still long enough for me to get a single photo. I decide to sit on the floor with him, he finally lays down next to me, and I slowly slide across the dirty linoleum to position myself for a decent composition. Once I account for the backlighting and adjust to the perfect exposure, I get off about a dozen shots before he decides to come try to lick me again. Oh, the challenge of photographing animals.

It isn’t long after that Mickey stretches out in the hallway of the South Willow Animal Hospital and only ventures out to greet me once catnip lures him out. He is a six-year old tiger-striped cat that seems scared of my camera even after sniffing it and rubbing against the lens. Throwing caution to the wind, he rolls around long enough for me to get some close-ups before disappearing back down the hallway. He’ll make a few more brief appearances and avoid me for the rest of the session.

Myers, also six-years old, is a large orange and white cat that loves to lounge on the counter. He’s unsure of the camera lens for a second or two, lets curiosity take over and then decides he doesn’t care. Time and time again, he rolls across the reception desk only to fall off onto the floor. After a bit of catnip, he starts rubbing on my lens and covers the hood in hair. With minimal effort I get him to pay attention so that I can capture a few frames of him occupying his favorite spot. It just turns out that he loves the attention.

Tiki is a small, eight-month old gray cat that loves to play. She pounces on Myers, jumps on the benches, and sits at the computers as if she’s hard at work. It’s hard to keep track of her. One minute she’s on the desk swatting at Myers’ tail and the next she’s hiding in a doorway to pounce on anything that walks by. Once she gets into the catnip, she rolls on the floor and appears surprised by her own feet. I’m lucky to have captured that moment because she ran away just after.

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