Late Season Foliage

Wildey Path

I drove by Pine Grove Cemetery in Manchester, NH and felt obliged to stop. I hadn’t explored beyond the pond and bridges and numerous people were walking along the twisting, narrow roads. Yellow, orange, and red leaves were being backlit by the sun further south. Another photographer was even down by the bridges shooting a client or friend. I realized that I didn’t have a wide angle lens on me other than a fisheye, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me, so I spent an hour on a quick walk. A few of the resulting images are in the gallery below…

The other photos are part of the 52 Week Photo Project. Themes for the past couple of weeks were “Brown” and “Fall” and this week will be “Spooky” considering it’s Halloween and all. My image for Fall involved savage gourds attacking somebody, which is a reference to a story I wrote years ago. My original idea for Brown was to stuff myself into a cardboard box, but instead I grabbed a few brown objects and created something eerie with a couple of flashes. The Spooky image that’s here kind of reminds me of Psycho while the outtake version is of Floyd’s head being served to a cat. It almost seems comical instead of spooky so I trashed it.

2 Comments on “Late Season Foliage

  1. I love the vivid colors in these images and the sharpness of the details. Just a little bit afraid of the cat. The “Loss of Color” image really catches the eye.

    • Thanks, Aaron! I tried to capture the vivid colors without going overboard. It’d be too easy to make them look fake.

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