Love Bites

Love Bites

The orange and white cat jumps onto the washing machine that shakes in the spin cycle and sneaks onto the kitchen counter beside the sink. He rubs his chin against the clip-on light hanging from the cabinet before crouching low as if to pounce. His wide black eyes follow the purple sponge with curiosity. Soapy and wet as it is, the sponge smells like food. As the human sets it down, the cat sees his opportunity and pounces. Sinking his teeth into the water logged dish cleaner, he claims it as his own and flees the room with his human in pursuit.

In a few weeks, our unique kitten known as Dude will be turning a year old. Once upon a time he was too tiny to peek his head out of the bed him and his mother shared, but things quickly change. Since then he’s discovered that laying in the sink with the water running is enjoyable, that window blinds taste good, that noodles are so magical he’s willing to sniff out a packet of ramen from the pantry, and that the microwave is in some way connected to food. In the last year, he’s destroyed four computer mice, a keyboard, two pairs of headphones, two Nalgene bottles, a laptop fan, a lamp, and other assorted items such as dish towels. He hates being held, will meow when he’s bored, still tries to nurse, and uses backpacks as scratching posts. The above story is a common occurrence.

Of course, none of these photos reveal his dark side. Whether napping in the rays of sunlight that slip into the pantry or sharing the cat perch with Mama, he appears completely normal. After the last few sets of photos I’ve worked my way through, I wanted something natural and catching him while he’s mellow gave me just that. No posing, no setup, just window light, sunshine, and capturing him on his terms with whichever lens was on the camera at the time. Minimal processing was done in Lightroom and Photoshop to add sharpening, set the white point or convert to black and white.

Feel free to share stories of your own!

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