Manchester Skyline

Manchester NH Skyline Black and White Night

Last month’s heatwave slowed my picture-taking to a crawl. I’m not a fan of hot and humid weather, but being inside was making me stir crazy. I ventured out one early morning for a walk to do some location scouting and after finding what I was looking for, wound up with the start of a sunburn. Having only lived in Manchester for 8 months now, I didn’t know there was a jetty beneath the Amoskeag bridge. It may be part of an older dam or a defunct canal, but it lets you walk out into the river above the falls. Once I found it, I knew I’d have to return at night for some skyline shots. A few nights later, I set up the tripod, composed my shot, and waited for the sun to set and the lights to come up. It wasn’t until nearly an hour after the sun had dropped that I started getting something I liked.

Manchester NH Skyline with Moon

Manchester, NH skyline as seen from above Amoskeag Falls

In addition to the skyline photos, I processed a few of the images from my morning walk that included, among other things, tight alleyways, interesting graffiti, and the high-contrast light of a parking garage. I have every intention of using the parking garage for a photo shoot, and the fallout shelter sounds interesting.

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