Mount Cardigan

Mt Cardigan

I’ll admit trail running with a DSLR and zoom lens in a backpack with a half-gallon of water is stupid – mainly because there’s no reason to be carrying that much weight. However, it’s good practice of the ABC’s of photography, that is, Always Bring Camera. The truth is that more people regret not having a camera with them when they could use one than they do carrying one and not shooting anything. In this case, I dug it out twice, once to capture a family on top of the peak and again to capture the clouds and the rocky summit.

The kids ran around on the ledges while the parents sat and stared out at the world below. While the children were certainly more energetic, I found the image of the parents more intriguing. Unbeknownst to them, I worked the scene as described and illustrated very well in the video at the bottom of this post and changed angles, distance, and cropping to find something compelling. In the back of my mind, I was trying to find something that fit the theme of friendship and in the end wound up liking the subtle body language of this shot. It’s not something I’d call friendly though.

As I ran across the col to reach the Firescrew summit, I was searching for an interesting composition for the rocky peak behind me. Cardigan isn’t very tall but certain trails up its flanks are fierce and I knew I wanted something rough. I saw that I had a decent background and that the clouds in the sky would come out nicely. The mid-ground was getting better as more of the ridge came into view, and finally I found a cairn to work as a foreground. I changed angles, height, focal length, and distance until I found what I thought worked best and finished my run. I processed it through Silver Efex Pro to wind up with gritty black and white.

[youtube width=”617″ height=”349″ video_id=”FpHMuK7Htic”]

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