Muddy Team

It’s a Saturday morning. My assignment – The Finish Line. Pose groups (or individuals) as they complete the course and capture 2-4 images of every single person. There are something like 11,000 people here. The first wave goes out at 740am. I’ve been awake since 4am. Where is the finish line? Backlit by the sun for half the day. I’m shooting a wide angle lens which makes it even more of a nightmare. There’s no correcting these in post-production. Get the exposure right, find a decent angle while also eliminating lens flare, and shoot low to make everyone look impressive! The sound system is 100 ft away and I’m quickly losing my voice. Oh, you’d like to do a jumping photo? 3-2-1-Jump. I’m not sure I’m allowed to share any of these, but here are a few highlights from the event.
Chain Gang






Jumping Purple

Arms Up

Giving Me The Finger


Pose For Me

Jumping Beans


Large Group

Muddy Team


Leaping Team

More Jumpers!

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