My Lucky Something

Lucky Day

To coincide with St Patrick’s Day, the theme of the 52 Week Photo Project for this week was “My Lucky Something.” I suppose the point would have been to replace the word something with an object that I find lucky, however, I don’t exactly believe in luck. Without a pair of lucky (and horrendously dirty) socks that can’t be washed, or really, anything of the sort, I opted once again to make myself look like a complete idiot. After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with the concept of showing “My Lucky Day.”

I donned my goggles once again to switch into my alter ego, let’s call him Floyd for now, and gathered up a few props to create a simple scene. Tiny table and chair, check. Giant bowl and spoon, check. Festive green shirt, check. Some lucky cereal and lottery tickets, check. Using two sheets of foamcore as a white backdrop, I swapped lenses around until I found a perspective that I liked and then twisted my tripod into a pretzel in order to mount the camera where it needed to be. Truth be told, all of these photos were taken with the camera upside down (see the setup photos above), so it was kind of a test to see how well I know the buttons and dials.

As I took test shots to adjust the lighting, Dude decided to join in the fun and curled up under the tiny table. There was a softbox set up to camera right as the main light and a reflector set up to bounce some light back onto the front of the Lucky Charms box. I decided to add a little fill to my face and the background with some continuous light from a CFL angled up from the floor, and once the exposure looked about right, Floyd jumped in. He ate some cereal to stock up on luck and then used it to win the lottery for a really lucky day.

I did a few simple tweaks in Lightroom, cropped two shots down, then pulled them into Photoshop and fixed the background. I selectively added on three filters in Color Efex Pro (Detail Extractor, Tonal Contrast & Glamour Glow), sharpened a bit, and liked the result. Vibrant, edgy, and goofy without being as embarrassing as Bathing in the Washing Machine. The photo of Dude was only adjusted in Lightroom and sharpened in Photoshop. I tried deciding between the photos for the week and thought I’d use both as a sequence to tell the story.

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