Ode to the Cardboard Lightbox

Bottle Opener

The purpose of a lightbox or a light tent is to isolate an object, wrap it in light, and bring out it’s details. The panels on the top and sides diffuse the light and the inside of the box provides a seamless backdrop perfect for product and macro photography. What’s the catch? They’re not cheap. The smallest models run about $50, and for larger sizes, that number can double or triple. Enter the Do-it-yourself solution… in this case, free. Take a cardboard box, a sheet of white paper, tissue paper, and some tape. Cut the flaps off of one side of the box, cut squares out of the top and two sides, then tape tissue paper over the holes. Add the white paper to the interior and reinforce the seams with tape. The whole process took me a few minutes. For some more detailed instructions, check out Strobist.

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