Planet Marshmallow

Inside the Dessert Cafe

As of yesterday morning, I have a collection of images hanging at Planet Marshmallow, a highly recommended cafe downtown Manchester on Hanover St. A huge thank you goes out to Heather for allowing me to hang them all. For the past couple of months I’ve been stressing over getting prints made, finding frames, and of course, the inevitable response (or lack thereof) of whatever I finally decided to hang.

I settled on sixteen photos that I hoped represented the best of my tastes and my style – a mix of portraits, panoramics, pets, and landscapes with vibrant colors or even black and white. Of those, six were odd sizes that required custom frames. The only photo that I never questioned hanging was that of the Manchester Skyline because of its consistently positive response. It was all of the other shots that had me worried. I know I shouldn’t publicize my doubts, but the question for me was “Who would want to look at these?” High dynamic range images are either loved or despised. Portraits, whether they’re of humans or pets, need to be amazing and tell a story to really be worth viewing and my twisted panoramas can be downright confusing. I felt better when everything was framed. As they sat on the floor, hidden behind the door, they looked big enough. Now that they’re hanging I think they all need to be twice as large.

After everything was hung, I pulled out the camera to capture the moment and a few details of the cafe. I liked the way the hanging glasses played with the light and I liked the texture of the light fixtures. The peanut butter cookies looked good as well. :)

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