Planet Subaru


After my last panoramic learning experience, I decided to try something a little more complicated with a lot more time on my hands. I cleaned out my car, returned the seats to their upright positions, and set up the tripod inside the car. Given the bright sunlight and the dark interior, I decided to bracket my shots for HDR and started shooting with my 8mm fisheye on the pan-head. For each shot I had to change which seat I was in and make sure that nothing else moved. As it is, I wound up with pieces of my body in two of the shots because of the lack of space and the large field of view of the lens. Figuring out how to get the downward shot without the tripod in the way was a challenge, and involved wedging it up on the backseat.

With the photos done, I automated the merging of the sets of 7 photos into HDR and then mapped them out in HDR Efex Pro before dropping the resulting Tiffs into PTGui for a nightmare in stitching. The claustrophobic shooting style left me with numerous overlapping areas and panoramas don’t work too well with objects so close together. Any error in the process is hard to miss. Luckily, the new version of PTGui has selective masking, so I can hide parts of an image, and after much trial and error, I arrived at the above photo of the inside of my Subaru Impreza. In all it is comprised of 72 photos. There are still a few stitching/blending errors visible, but as a proof of concept (which this was) I think I can let them sit there until I have more time to fix them.

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