Playing with Pyrex

Playing With Pyrex

I saw an idea not long ago that I thought I’d try – shooting oil and water. Out came the Pyrex baking dish as well as the tripod because I knew I’d be shooting with the macro lens. I filled the glass dish with water, grabbed some vegetable oil, and poured it in. I hooked up my shutter release cable, focused on the oil and bubbles, and set off with a butter knife to create chaos. The first few images suffered from a slow shutter speed, and then the clouds hid the sun, killing my available light. It was then that I grabbed a daylight balanced work light and shined it onto a red shirt beneath the dish (see the setup photos below). Even with the additional light, I turned up the ISO to get a motion free photo. I chose the red shirt as the backer simply because the theme of the week was the color red. Anything colorful would have worked. I’ll admit, I didn’t spend long with the setup and once I snapped a few that I liked, I processed them and called it a day. Nevertheless, the setup is extremely simple and the resulting images are interesting, so maybe I’ll return to the idea.

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