After days spent recalibrating my panoramic tripod head, I took some time to edit some of the results. Each projection is composed of 9 HDR photos and each HDR photo is created from 5 photos of different exposures – if you do the math, that’s 45 photos to create a projection. The top photo is a stereographic projection that looks somewhat like looking through a tunnel. The middle photo is an equirectangular projection that shows off the full 360 degrees of the apartment. I could use it to create an interactive quicktime movie if I had a reason to. The bottom photo is a downward stereographic projection that turned the apartment into a little planet. In the two stereographic projections, everything is so abstract I want to be able to twist it around to see it from every angle, but that’s normal. Despite all the terminology, these were actually quite simple to create now that I’ve worked a few of the bugs out.

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