Window Light

After taking somewhere close to 2000 photos in the last few weeks, I just realized that I haven’t posted much at all. As I work through my backlog, which includes a tired dog, the Pumpkinfest in Keene, NH, foliage in Northern Alabama, and various animals and locales from a vacation down south, I’ll try to share a few. The last photos that I worked through were from the Vertical Dreams halloween party which were posted to Facebook. Shooting a fisheye lens through a ring light is interesting and when something extends through the light, the result is something that catches the eye. I’m happy with the results and I wish I had stayed longer to take a few more. Days after that event, the northeast had its first major snow of the year, up to 31″ in some spots, and when the sunshine returned, the cats lounged in the light, providing me with an easy photoshoot. On my walk to dig out the car, I carried my camera along and shot some of the foliage juxtaposed with the snow. Branches and leaves were down everywhere from the weight of the wet snow and as we all know, people lost power all over the region. Of all of these shots, my favorite is of Mama. I focused and spot metered off of her eyes and let the sunlight blow out. A side window provided catchlights.

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