Shopping Cart Multiplicity Portrait

Be Different

What do you do when a client wants something quirky in addition to a few simple portraits? Have fun, of course. Conceptual portraiture is the perfect way to stand out and do something completely different! We started out with a laundry list of ideas and narrowed it down. For this session, we focused on two […]

Week 47 - Feeling Nostalgic

52 Week Photo Project Wrap Up

Week 1 – A Self Portrait Without You In It – I set up a lightbox with three lights, set up a few objects that show a bit about me (photographer, climber, writer), and made a few shots. Week 2 – Your Front Door – At the time, the front door was ugly, so I […]

Among the Ancients

Bristlecone Pine

I took enough shots of the trees in the White Mountains that I figured they deserved to be shown on their own. On Thanksgiving, I drove out of the Owens River Valley and back up into the White Mountains to seek out the groves of Bristlecone Pine trees. The long and winding road provided an […]

Arch Nemesis

Eastern Sierra

I just noticed that I didn’t post anything for the month of November, however, this may also be one of my last posts of the year. I’ll return with a wrap up of the 52 Week Photo Project that has spanned this past year and add the whole collection of photos as a separate gallery. […]

Crouching For Liftoff


Bright, midday sun is terribly bad and uninteresting light but sometimes it’s worth trying to get something worth looking at from it. It was a warm day at the beach near Red Rock Park in Lynn, MA. The tide was rolling in, kites were flying, and a guy on a mountain board flew past me […]

Mt Cardigan

Mount Cardigan

I’ll admit trail running with a DSLR and zoom lens in a backpack with a half-gallon of water is stupid – mainly because there’s no reason to be carrying that much weight. However, it’s good practice of the ABC’s of photography, that is, Always Bring Camera. The truth is that more people regret not having […]



The theme for this week was reflections and I wanted to do something interesting with either water or mirrors. I had a few ideas that I won’t even try to explain and that I scrapped due to lack of time, but with the heat and humidity I wasn’t too keen on venturing outside. I grabbed […]

The Embodiment of Vibrance

Post Processing: Walking a Fine Line

Pick up any magazine and there on the cover is an airbrushed model or a scene that’s been otherwise fixed for consumption. The photographer, art director, and retoucher all play their part and Photoshop has almost become a bad word. Its use has become so commonplace that Photoshop is now used in our language as […]

Out in the Pasture

Creating Lasting Images of Our Furry Friends

The idea of a custom portrait of a pet elicits a mixed reaction from many because non-pet owners don’t understand that pets are part of the family and just as deserving of having their picture taken as the rest of us. Moving beyond a simple snapshot, many parents of pets want keepsakes both to pamper […]

Unbalanced Pieces

Bizaarchitecture Returns

It was almost a year ago that I got kicked out of the mills and posted my last Bizaarchitecture photos. This time I set up in the lobby of Waumbec Mill, had someone offer for me to use their forehead to set my white balance, took some shots of the antique knitting machine, then wandered […]

Lightroom Grid

Washing Machines and Other Things

The Week 8 theme in the 52 Week Photo project is laughter and I spent most of the week trying to come up with an idea. Of course, as I thought about it, I realized that I didn’t want to take a photograph of someone laughing which left me with the notion that I should […]


Self Portrait Rejects

The theme for this past week in the 52 Week Photo Project was self portraits. Most photographers have a tendency to want to remain behind the camera, so I was somewhat interested what others would come up with. It would be easy enough for me to set up the new Apollo Orb or my ring […]

Monadnock Sunset


The temperature hovers around freezing, providing a thin layer of melt atop the ice of the stream. The white floe shivers and waits. Bare rocks jut into the path as it meanders further and further into the darkening woods. With elevation, the trees will thin, but here they huddle close for protection from the wicked […]

Love Bites

Love Bites

The orange and white cat jumps onto the washing machine that shakes in the spin cycle and sneaks onto the kitchen counter beside the sink. He rubs his chin against the clip-on light hanging from the cabinet before crouching low as if to pounce. His wide black eyes follow the purple sponge with curiosity. Soapy […]


Seven Days in the South

Darkness presses in, interrupted only by oncoming headlights and the green glow of the dashboard panel. Nineties alternative trickles from the speakers filling the air with the occasional melody that is far better than silence. The unfamiliar road ahead is nearly empty and the world in the rearview is black. His tired eyes begin to […]