Under the Bridge

Under The Bridge

Freshly cut metal links litter the muddy ground. The chain link fence is rolled back just far enough to slip through, and for whatever reason, the ten foot tall metal slats that protect the other two sides are absent. Someone went through a lot of trouble and there’s no telling how many times this has […]

Manchester NH Skyline Black and White Night

Manchester Skyline

Last month’s heatwave slowed my picture-taking to a crawl. I’m not a fan of hot and humid weather, but being inside was making me stir crazy. I ventured out one early morning for a walk to do some location scouting and after finding what I was looking for, wound up with the start of a […]

Touch of Spring

Blue Sky Research

The depth of field options of the 50mm f/1.8 have made it a very useful lens that hasn’t yet come off the camera. I contemplated swapping it for the 90mm macro to take some closeups of the flower buds, however, I didn’t feel up to lugging the tripod down to the park. All three of […]

Queen City Bridge


A day and a half after this hopefully last spring snow storm, I ventured out on the local walking paths for a few hours and noticed that nearly every surface is tagged with graffiti of some sort. Granite benches, fences, light posts, bridges, sidewalks. It’s sad that some people can’t express themselves in a more […]