Labradoodle Portrait


Over Easter weekend, I had a session with Peggy & Nellie, two labradoodles that had just gotten their haircuts (aka some surprise grooming). Before arriving, I had to ask how large a labradoodle was because for some reason their name makes me think of a small dog, however they are actually quite large and weigh […]

Shopping Cart Multiplicity Portrait

Be Different

What do you do when a client wants something quirky in addition to a few simple portraits? Have fun, of course. Conceptual portraiture is the perfect way to stand out and do something completely different! We started out with a laundry list of ideas and narrowed it down. For this session, we focused on two […]

Portrait of Female Posing in Red Dress on bench in White Park Concord NH

White Park

The Tools Nikon 50mm f/1.8 Nikon 80-200 f/2.8 I have more lenses in the bag along with two speedlights, but they never come out. The Park White Park in Concord is a park I grew up with. I’ve played baseball on the field, jogged and biked through on the paths, even skated on the pond […]

In Bloom

Summer Fun

Ok, so I only felt like sharing a few photos with a new logo design on them. I’ve been a little busy, so expect some new photos soon. Here we have a few HDR shots of a garden in Ipswich, MA, a couple of canine portraits, and a little composite of jumping into a swim […]

The Goofy Shot

South Willow Animal Hospital Open House

This past weekend, October 13th, the South Willow Animal Hospital in Manchester, NH hosted an open house to show off their new facilities. They featured a pet Halloween costume contest, a raffle, treats from Baked, and goodie bags for everyone that walked in the door. I was set up taking pet portraits, or as it […]

Fading Light

Football Freakshow

What do you get when you tell someone that has never played and rarely watches a game to come up with a football themed photo? Somewhere in the closet I have a Nerf football, but I didn’t think that would cut it for me, so I found a football and headed for a field on […]

The Great Sadness

Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days are the hottest and most humid days of summer and it certainly feels as though they’ve arrived. Historically, they are experienced in July and August which typically observe the warmest temperatures of the summer months and the name itself is derived from the star Sirius. Also called the Dog Star, it was […]



The theme for this week was reflections and I wanted to do something interesting with either water or mirrors. I had a few ideas that I won’t even try to explain and that I scrapped due to lack of time, but with the heat and humidity I wasn’t too keen on venturing outside. I grabbed […]

Post It

Fun With Post It Notes

The movie Office Space was released while I was in college and working at a theater. I kept the poster of a man completely covered in Post It Notes and partway through this week, it occurred to me to try shooting something similar. This week’s theme is yellow after all. Once I know the theme […]

Bathtub Cowboy

Blue Bath Water

I suppose this all starts with the color blue. It’s the theme for week 23 and initially I figured it would be easy, after all, I just needed to photograph something blue. The fun part comes with finding something that nobody else thinks of and piques my curiosity. First I searched around for Blue Man […]


Dabbling In Cliche: Lens Flare

Lens flare is caused by light reflecting and scattering through the lens instead of refracting on it’s intended path. The result can show up in the image as streaks, artifacts such as rings or circles, and even as a sort of haze that washes out both color saturation and contrast. Lens manufacturers have spent years […]


Tilted Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere and most of the time I’m not feeling all that inspired. When the April 2012 issue of Popular Photography arrived in the mailbox, I didn’t anticipate seeing an image that I absolutely had to “try”. The article “From Shutter Press to Finished Image” and specifically the Tilt Series by Romain […]

Fading Away

Session Preparation: Looking Your Best

A photo shoot of any kind is no small investment for most people and being well prepared for the session can make the difference between average and amazing photos. The biggest misconception is that everyone in a photo needs to match, when in reality nobody ever matches. Color coordination and choosing complimentary colors is far […]

Out in the Pasture

Creating Lasting Images of Our Furry Friends

The idea of a custom portrait of a pet elicits a mixed reaction from many because non-pet owners don’t understand that pets are part of the family and just as deserving of having their picture taken as the rest of us. Moving beyond a simple snapshot, many parents of pets want keepsakes both to pamper […]

Lucky Day

My Lucky Something

To coincide with St Patrick’s Day, the theme of the 52 Week Photo Project for this week was “My Lucky Something.” I suppose the point would have been to replace the word something with an object that I find lucky, however, I don’t exactly believe in luck. Without a pair of lucky (and horrendously dirty) […]