Tanner Sandals

Kids Feet

Tanner Sandals, a minimalist sandal company based in Southern NH, offered me the opportunity to photograph the entire product lineup for their website and I happily accepted. They needed images of the sandals from multiple angles including the top, bottom, and side as well as images of the sandals being worn. I anticipated using a lightbox for a portion of the shoot, which worked well, however for the top angle and bottom angle shots I had to get a little creative on my setup. Rather than shoot the product flat against a surface I used a paint pole and duct tape to suspend the sandal away from the white backdrop and then added lighting for both the sandal and the background. This had the advantage of removing any shadows on the background and let me easily blow it out to white. The only hurdle came when Tanner Sandals slightly redesigned all of their products necessitating a reshoot of everything I had done.

In shooting the additional images, I added a frontal angle that I found visually appealing and then we decided not to use the bottom angle shots because the same tread was visible in the angled image of the pair. An image showing how the sandals begin to shape to your foot as they break in was also on the list to be done and I attempted a few ideas. In the end, simplicity won out. The shot of the lone sandal proved to be the most eye catching, and all that remained to be done were photos involving feet. Now, I know a lot of people are grossed out by feet, so we tried to go with the best looking feet we could find. The shoot lasted roughly 10 minutes as the sun set and I captured a female foot wearing their Timeless model using a small roll of seamless white as both a fill reflector and a backdrop and then snapped a few shots of kiddie feet against granite steps.

Head over to the Tanner Sandals website now to see their current products and consider getting your own pair of minimalist sandals!

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