The Last Calendar Ever?


If we follow the whole 2012 prediction about the end of the world, then this will be the last calendar you’ll ever need. It even includes the End of the World as a holiday, but just to be safe, the calendar continues for the rest of the year. Of course, since the world won’t be ending, next years calendar might need to be a little more planned out, but it’s not next year yet, so a 2012 calendar is fine for right now.

In an attempt to be different, I’ve included the Native American names for the full moons and scattered in random holidays such as a couple relating to squirrels or socks. A minimum of twelve photographs comprise this 12 month calendar, the grids are simple, and even though it’s a bit last minute, it’s also more interesting to look at than most of the calendars I’ve seen.

Click Here to See the 2012 Calendar

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