The Last Days of May

Memorial Day

An $8 million Blackhawk helicopter landed in Arms Park along the river in downtown Manchester, NH for Memorial Day and given the weekly theme of “Memorial Day” how could I not take a walk with a camera in hand? I grabbed my new 80-200 mm f/2.8, my 50mm and my 8mm fisheye, stuffed them in the bag and hoped I could get a decent shot despite the bright blue skies, harsh noontime sunshine, and crowds of people.

In addition to the chopper, there was an armored Hummer, a rubber ducky race, a parade, and assorted events in Veterans Park. Kayak demonstrations were taking place in the rapids of the river, the “Legalize It” guy was walking around with his flag and marijuana leaves, and there was no shortage of subject matter for a photo. Add to that a short hike the day before to some of the waterfalls in Franconia Notch, and I wound up with a fair number of shots to process from the last days of May.

The photo I opted to use as my “Memorial Day” shot was taken in Arms Park as the National Guard walked towards the Blackhawk chopper with a mill building in the background. As the crowd thinned around the time of the parade, I got in close with the shorter lenses for the HDR images. On the walk up to Elm Street, we passed through Cat Alley and I snapped a few photos of the painted artwork before continuing on to the parade and Veterans Park. There wasn’t as much of the alley painted the last time I walked through and it’s really turned into a colorful place. As the events wound down, we ventured home and that brought the weekend to a close.

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