The Sly Fox

The Walker

For lack of better plans and a slight case of exhaustion, April 3rd turned into an impromptu photo shoot in Arms Park. Just up the street against the brick mill buildings, another photo shoot was taking place in the shade. After walking around a bit and enjoying the sun, we settled down onto the steps to feel the breeze across the river and watched the ducks and gulls. Aaron tends to be nervous/awkward in front of a camera, therefore it was nice that Megan was there to hold his attention and essentially distract him from the lens. Once I loaded the photos into the computer, my self imposed challenge was to edit them entirely in Lightroom (where possible) and limit my usage of Photoshop. Typically I’ll do minor tweaks in Lightroom, dump it into Photoshop and use Nik Plugins for the majority of my photos, but I wanted to see what sort of images I could generate directly from the RAW NEF file.

The power of ACR (Adobe Camera Raw/the Lightroom develop module) is enough to work for most of my images. Multiplicity photos and stereographic projections are still left to Photoshop, Photomatix, and PTGui, but I’m happy with the results.

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