Tilted Inspiration


Inspiration can come from anywhere and most of the time I’m not feeling all that inspired. When the April 2012 issue of Popular Photography arrived in the mailbox, I didn’t anticipate seeing an image that I absolutely had to “try”. The article “From Shutter Press to Finished Image” and specifically the Tilt Series by Romain Laurent got me thinking.

The process to create the tilted image is relatively simple although without an assistant to hold the model I had to resort to using a prop and a lesser angle. In post it’s as easy as removing the prop by masking in the background from a photo without the model. So, with Luke Tanner of Tanner Sandals as a willing model, we walked a half mile down a footpath on the west side of Manchester, NH and set up to shoot.

First was a shot of Luke propped up…and note the difference between a single exposure and HDR.

Next came a shot of only the background… again split to show HDR versus a single exposure.

And in the end, after a bit of masking and further processing, I created something that might even work for an advertisement as seen below…

One of the test shots from prior to the session shows a more radical angle…

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