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The Week 8 theme in the 52 Week Photo project is laughter and I spent most of the week trying to come up with an idea. Of course, as I thought about it, I realized that I didn’t want to take a photograph of someone laughing which left me with the notion that I should make people laugh. So my thought process turned to coming up with something that would cause laughter and still fit my style.

I started with a roll of clear tape, taped my eyes open, taped my nose up, then wrapped my head and wound up being unable to blink or close my mouth. I took a few shots, started feeling funny, and struggled to peel the tape from my noggin. I was lightheaded, my eyes were bloodshot, and the resulting images were far from something to laugh at. They were almost creepy, don’t you agree? I processed them anyway just to show why I didn’t use them.

Eye drops and a not-so-great night’s sleep later, I started over with two ideas revolving around the toilet, the first being someone wearing a gas mask while using the bathroom, and the other being someone climbing out of the toilet. I walked by the washing machine and scrapped both ideas immediately, which I think was for the best, set up the tripod for a test shot or two and liked the composition. It was brighter and that’s something I wanted after last weeks darker themed photo, so I set up the softbox to camera left and added a reflector at camera right, dialed in the exposure, and set out to find some props.

Giant green brush, check. Blue bottle, check. Yellow luffa, check. Plenty of color to make it pop. I took the base photo that I’d be working from, then stripped off my shirt, donned a pair of welding goggles in place of swimming goggles, splashed myself with water, and started posing with the camera on timer. Once I saw that I had something I liked, into Lightroom it went, then opened as layers in Photoshop, added a little masking, a little Nik Color Efex, and a little sharpening, and I was done. For better or worse, I hope it makes someone laugh.

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